Junior Golf

Operation 36 is a long term (8 Weeks per semester) coaching program designed to progress golfers towards shooting par or better for 9 holes.

Golfers of all ages and abilities can join and begin progressing through the six levels of development.  Each golfer will be issued a profile in the Op 36 App where they can view objectives, log golf actions, track progress, and connect with friends in the social activity feed.

Programs are led by trained golf professionals who utilize the Op 36 framework to provide the best environment to help you improve your game and achieve your goals. One of our pros was awarded top 50 Operation 36 coaches in America

 Operation 36 Link to Register: https://operation36golf.com/#/register/256

Schedules: Spring
Class: 10 & under Wed  4:30-5:30
 Class: 10 & Over  Wed  5:45-6:45
                 Class: 10 & under Wed  4:30-5:30
 Class: 10 & Over  Wed  5:45-6:45

  In addition to the practice sessions above, scoring tests will be meeting on every other Saturday or Sunday at 4:30 or 5:00 pm.  Must be here at least 10 minutes prior to scheduled tee time.

PGA Junior League Golf continues to grow locally and nationally. We've had a great time in recent years belonging to a league for juniors. We play against other area clubs.   There are two age divisions: 13U and 17U (U= and under)

If you don't know much about PGA Junior league, it is the best next step for a golfer that is still learning and would like to challenge themselves with some competition.  If you would like more information, you can call the pro-shop or go to pgjuniorleague.com.  click the following link to register:

The following is a video about it


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